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The State of the Social Service Workforce 2015 Report

This first annual report, published on June 10, 2015, sheds light on the social service workforce, an important group of people who help to ensure that effective prevention and support services reach those who need it most. The report features data and trends, showcases innovative and effective workforce strengthening initiatives, and highlights the need for more data and focus in this area. The report explores the diversity of the social service workforce, recognizing the variety of functions, titles, and types of education and training in both government and nongovernment work settings. The report reviews the current state of the workforce in 15 countries.

This first year’s report is a first step to lay out a framework for data collection and point to gaps that need to be filled in the future. It is hoped that future years’ reports will reflect measurement approaches that have been designed, agreed to, and implemented at the country level, allowing for a more systematic approach to gathering data on workforce strengthening efforts.

The report was released at the 2nd Annual Global Social Service Workforce Alliance Symposium. The symposium webcast is available on YouTube. The symposium presentations and written summary are now available to download.

A press release was included on 248 news websites. The symposium and report were also highlighted in GHR Foundation's Impact Updates, National Assocation of Social Workers (NASW) News, IntraHealth International's website, American Public Health Association's International Health Blog and LMG's Blog. View the photo album from the event created by PEPFAR.

Read the full report and executive summary. View the flipbook format of the report below by using your mouse or arrow buttons to turn the pages.