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Webinar: Protecting the Social Service Workforce - Best practices including mental health

September 2, 2020

Presented by the OVC Task Force and interagency PEPFAR, this webinar titled Protecting the social service workforce: best practices including mental health, discusses how OVC and clinical implementing partners can apply lessons learned from efforts supporting social service workers during COVID-19. This webinar provides an overview of the daily challenges experienced by social service workers, country-level examples of what has been done to support them, and how implementers can apply these best practices during COVID-19. The Global Social Service Workforce Alliance was included among presenters on this topic.

Presentation slide deck is available here and the video can be viewed on YouTube.


  • Tanya Medrano, Senior Technical Advisor, FH360
  • Hugh Salmon, Director, Global Social Service Workforce Alliance
  • Sandra Oosthuizen, National Association of Child Care Workers, South Africa
  • Washington Jiri, Child Protection Advisor, Bantwana Zimbabwe, World Education
  • Karesma Mushi, Programme Officer REPSSI Tanzania
  • Jessica Tabler Mullis, OVC Senior Specialist Save the Children
  • Diana Chamrad, Improvement Director, Vulnerable Children and Families and Mental Health, URC
  • Sally Bjornholm, Senior HIV Technical Officer, Orphan and Vulnerable Children, USAID