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Case management

Child Protection in Humanitarian Action Frontliner Getting Started Learning Package

The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action's CPHA Frontliner Getting Started Learning Package has been designed to rapidly onboard new team members in the wake of a new emergency or crisis and aims to ensure that frontline workers are introduced to the minimum competencies to work in...

Reimagining Migration Responses: Learning from children and young people who move in the Horn of Africa

The number of international migrants under 18 is rising, accelerated by complex and fast-evolving economic, demographic, security and environmental drivers.

Reforma sistemului de îngrijire în Republica Moldova

În 2021, Changing the Way We Care a lansat o analiză situațională a sistemului de îngrijire a copilului în Republica Moldova. Rezultatul acestei analize sunt 8 rapoarte bazate pe cercetări ample ale partenerilor CTWWC: Copil, Comunitate, Familie (CCF) Moldova, Keystone Human Services International...

Situational Analysis of Care Reform in the Republic of Moldova

From January to July 2021, Changing the Way We Care in Moldova, a USAID-funded initiative implemented by Catholic Relief Services and Maestral International, together with local partners, Copil, Comunitate, Familie (CCF), Keystone Moldova, and Partnership for Every Child (P4EC) conducted research...

Social Service Workers in Schools

Schools can play a critical role in addressing violence against children and other child protection concerns within schools and communities. This role and responsibility can be best fulfilled with the help of on-site support staff, including social service workers.

Ending Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Lessons Learned and promising practices in low and middle income countries

This report takes stock of UNICEF’s work to address online child sexual exploitation and abuse. It is intended for policymakers and practitioners to inform policy and practice in this field. Based primarily on analysis of survey responses from 29 UNICEF country offices, the report sets out the...

Strengthening Caregiving Environments: Prioritising Family-based Care in Humanitarian Settings During COVID-19

Understanding the risks and responses to children’s caregiving environment during COVID-19 remains limited. This is especially the case in humanitarian settings. This brief, therefore, aims to report what is known so far during the pandemic. The brief focuses on strategies to strengthen the...

Understanding COVID-Inspired Shifts to Remote Systems of Care

Conflict, displacement, and COVID-19 have increased demands for mental health services – and made them very hard to deliver. The publication explores the potential of remote service provision.

Safeguarding Toolbox: For organizations to develop & implement effective, relevant safeguarding policies and practices

Changing the Way We CareSM (CTWWC) is committed to bold and highest quality child protection and safeguarding in all of its work. Within the initiative, they sought to ensure that children and young people at risk of or outside of family care are safeguarded.

Ruta de prevención de la separación familiar innecesaria y derivación a servicios sociales y especializados

Esta Ruta de Coordinación, fue construida y diseñada de manera participativa y liderada por CTWWC Guatemala, con el objeto de articular de manera eficiente y coordinada los esfuerzos que los profesionales de las instituciones gubernamentales y municipales vinculadas a la prevención y proteccion,...