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Case management

Teaming in Child Welfare: A Guidebook

Teaming is an innovative approach to casework practice. Implementing Teaming is one way that child welfare agencies can support the effectiveness and morale of their caseworkers and line supervisors. Developing, implementing, and maintaining an effective casework team takes work.

Using Mobile Phones and Open Source Tools to Empower Social Workers in Tanzania

This paper describes a text message-based solution that harnesses the prevalence of mobile phones coupled with several open source tools to empower para-social workers who carry the primary responsibility in providing essential services to the growing population of orphans and vulnerable children...

Ophans and Ebola: Estimating the Secondary Impact of a Public Health Crisis

This working paper reviews data from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leona to estimate the likely number of children who will be orphaned as a result of the Ebola Virus Disease. The estimates are intended to guide policy to support family networks to improve the capacity to provide high quality care to...

Child Welfare in Chile: Learning from International Experiences to Improve Family Interventions

Poor outcomes and several complaints to the judicial system against residentialservices for children have triggered a deep review of the Chilean child welfare services,particularly in relation to family reunification. This paper offers strategic guidelines toimprove alternative care for children...

Institutional Capacity Assessment - Zimbabwe

This report provides data to show that Zimbabwe is in crisis in terms of ratio of social service workers to children. The report offers ideas for both short and long-term interventions to improve the situation.

Approaching Outreach Work

As part of the process of developing Outreach Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), it has become clear that despite variation in outreach activities and drop-in centers, there is a clear approach to outreach which is common across Retrak. This reflects the international approach to outreach in...

Uganda Child Protection National Training Curriculum

This document provides an overview of the National Child Protection Curriculum developed in Uganda.

Developing Social Care and Support Services in Uganda: A literature review of international experience in implementing social care and support services and considerations for the Ugandan context

This paper provides a review of international and Ugandan literature on social care and support services particularly focusing on identifying key lessons that are relevant to the Ugandan context. The paper was developed as the first stage of a study carried out by Oxford Policy Management which...

Interagency Guidelines for Case Management and Child Protection

This document provides a general framework of agreed principles, considerations, steps and procedures for effective child protection case management in line with the Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action. The guidance is also relevant for non-humanitarian settings.

Integrated Social Services in Armenia - Improving social welfare for Armenian families and children

This is a presentation providing detail on the implementation of a new, integrated social service system in Armenia.  The presentation outlines the three pillars of integrated social services:  case management, project management and resource management and discusses how this has been implemented...