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Critical Social Work and Unaccompanied Refugee Minors’ Social Inclusion: An Example of Critical Best Practice

This article presents an example of critical best social work practice with unaccompanied minor asylum seekers. Based on a critical perspective, it focuses on social and community work interventions in the first reception centre, established in Greece, before the huge influx of refugees in 2015,...

What happened to field practicum in social work education during COVID-19? Evidence from Bangladesh

Field practicum is an integral part of social work education, and students of bachelor's and master's levels need to gain the requisite experience of field practicum to achieve the degrees. Like many practice-based disciplines, social work has been facing enormous challenges in arranging field...

Community Mental Health Good Practice Guide: Inclusive Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) in Humanitarian Emergencies

This document provides guidance on inclusive MHPSS programming in humanitarian emergencies. It is designed to highlight essential frameworks and principles, and the need for robust and sustainable MHPSS programming, rather than to provide detailed MHPSS technical guidance.

Strengthening the Social Service Workforce as Part of the Recovery Process to Support a Transformed Care and Protection System for Children in Ukraine

On 26 April 2023, the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance and the Better Care Network (BCN) organized an event, under the auspices of the Ukraine Children’s Care Group, with child protection and care actors focused on strengthening the social service workforce as part of the recovery process...

Childcare Workers: Challenges faced during COVID-19

The Coronavirus (COVID−19) pandemic has increased anxiety and stress among childcare workers in many communities. This has given rise to the question of whether childcare workers have the capabilities to execute their operational responsibilities effectively during this period in ensuring that the...

Technical Guidance for Family Reintegration in Haiti

The Technical Guidance on Family Reintegration Procedure in Haiti is a practical guide for the social service workforce from the State, Civil Society Organisations and NGOs working with children separated from their families and being placed in residential care institutions or in other forms of...

Preparing Future Social Workers for Data-Driven Practice: A Panel Discussion with Universities in Moldova and the US

On May 31, 2023, Data for Impact (D4I) hosted a webinar on preparing future social workers for data-driven practice. This webinar was presented in English and Romanian, with simultaneous interpretation. Use of data is indispensable in today’s social work practice.

A qualitative analysis of child protection professionals’ challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic

Child Protection Professionals (CPPs) play a key role in providing insights into the child protection system and how it can best support children’s right to personal security, particularly during trying times like the COVID-19 pandemic. Qualitative research provides one potential tool to tap into...

Applying Universal Principles of ‘Best Interest’: Practice Challenges across Transnational Jurisdictions, Cultural Norms, and Values

This article sets out key issues in determining and upholding the best interests of children, in need of social service support, who have family networks that span outside of the UK.