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Moving Towards Children as Partners in Child Protection in COVID-19 Guide from Participation to Partnerships

Although the limitations of promoting children’s participation during COVID-19 are strong, child rights and child protection organizations that serve children should also have an obligation to engage with children. This engagement, which is likely to begin as consultation, will help organizations...

International Kinship Care Guide

This guide is intended as a good practice guide for professionals placing children from local authority care with family members abroad.

Issues and Challenges With COVID-19: Interventions Through Social Work Practice and Perspectives

Social workers are working at all levels - macro, mezzo, and micro - and adjusting their practices by temporarily discontinuing face-to-face services and moving to remote contact with clients, while maintaining the essential human relationships between providers and clients. This article highlights...

Early Childhood Matters - Advances in early childhood development

This resource is a compilation of articles on topics related to early childhood development during COVID-19. The 'Scaling' section explores the implementation of diverse early childhood policies and programmes in different parts of the world and the challenges that must be considered when working...

COVID-19 and Violence against Women and Children - A Second Research Round Up

This follow up report reviews 28 new studies on violence against women and children during COVID-19 and details some of the challenges providers face in providing services to those affected and recommends that additional attention and reporting on ethics is needed to ensure a ‘do no harm’ approach.

Coming Together During COVID-19: Early Childhood Systems Supporting Families

Across the country, service providers and decisionmakers scrambled to find ways to meet families’ needs in a changed landscape. Among the patchwork of services and programs for young children and their families, a coordinated effort was needed. In this moment of crisis, the value of local early...

Guidance Manual on Strengthening Supervision for the Social Service Workforce

This manual defines what is meant by supervision in social services, outlines the key elements of good practice in supervision and summarizes the different forms of supervision.

Transitioning Support Services Survey Findings Report

In many countries around the world, systems of protection and care for children are in reform as a commitment to family care increases among governments, nongovernmental organizations, donors, advocates, communities, and families. However, there is limited understanding of the support available for...

Ethical Challenges Faced by Social Workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Research findings highlight strong commonalities on the challenges that social workers are facing as essential workers in the fight against COVID-19.

Evidence Base for Avoiding Family Separation in Child Welfare Practice- An analysis of current research

There is a large and growing body of research that demonstrates that early experiences of adversity can have harmful impacts on children’s physical, neurological, and psychological development, with effects that can persist into adulthood. This report will present an overview of the current social...