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Helping Children Who Are Deaf: Support for Parents and Caregivers

Hesperian's Children's Disability Set covers all the major areas of physical disability in children, offering fun and useful therapy techniques, skills for daily living, and methods of low-cost rehabilitation aids. This chapter from "Helping Children Who Are Deaf", "Support for Parents and...

Impact of Health Systems Strengthening on Health

This report is a literature review that found that strengthening health services at the community-level, services integration and training the workforce to improve service delivery, including social services, has reduced mobidity and mortality and led to an uptick in healthy behaviors.

SUNRISE OVC 2010-2015 Memoir

This report reviews the project results and key interventions from the SUNRISE project, which includes strengthening of the social service workforce at government and community levels.

Leveraging the Social Determinants of Health: What Works?

The report includes a review of the health impact of partnerships between health care and social services.

Chronic and Integrated Care in Catalonia

The Health Plan for Catalonia 2011–2015 outlines measures for integrating care provided by health and social service workers for a new integrated care model to achieve better health outcomes. The article outlines an ‘integrated care’ vision within the health sector, but also includes initial...

Bottom-up Approaches to Strengthening Child Protection Systems: Placing children, families, and communities at the center

Efforts to strengthen national child protection systems have frequently taken a top-down approach of imposing formal, government-managed services. Such expert-driven approaches are often characterized by low use of formal services and the misalignment of the nonformal and formal aspects of the...

IASC Guidelines and Checklist for Field Use on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings

These documents aim to provide multi-sectoral, inter-agency framework for coordination, identification and implementation of useful practices for psyschosocial and mental health well-being in emergency settings. The second is a checklist for field use

Protect My Future: The Links Between Child Protection and Disasters, Conflict and Fragility

This paper demonstrates the devastating effects that disaster, conflict and fragility can have on children and the crisis that is being created in child protection. The paper recommends steps to address this crisis, including building a workforce that is able to respond to child protection issues...

Prevent and Protect: Linking the HIV and Child Protection Response to Keep Children Safe, Healthy & Resilient

This report documents models, case studies and lessons learned to highlight practical ways in which child protection systems and services link to HIV services in order to benefit HIV and child protection outcomes for children. The goal of the report is for policymakers and programmers to consider...

The Framework for the National Child Protection System for Kenya

The Framework for the Child Protection System for Kenya will deliver a more integrated approach to child protection and drive improvements across all systems and all jurisdictions. The framework also provides a mechanism for engaging partners, including; non-state actors, children, and the broader...