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Reintegration of Street Children and Community-Based Child Protection in SNNPR Ethiopia

This mid-term report assesses activity outcomes of projects developed by Retrak in the SNNPR region of Ethopia to address push factors leading to children living on the streets.

Institutional Capacity Assessment - Zimbabwe

This report provides data to show that Zimbabwe is in crisis in terms of ratio of social service workers to children. The report offers ideas for both short and long-term interventions to improve the situation.

Ending Violence Against Children: Six Strategies for Action

This report has a simple and urgent goal: to connect decision-makers and relevant actors with strategies that prevent and respond to violence in the lives of children. The scope of this review includes interventions that address interpersonal violence (emotional, physical and sexual) against...

Approaching Outreach Work

As part of the process of developing Outreach Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), it has become clear that despite variation in outreach activities and drop-in centers, there is a clear approach to outreach which is common across Retrak. This reflects the international approach to outreach in...

Strategies for Delivering Safe and Effective Foster Care

The evidence presented in this report suggests that there is no one blueprint of universal elements for successful foster care programs. The workforce developing and delivering foster care programs must carefully examine their specific local context and adapt programs accordingly. 

State of the World's Children 2015 Executive Summary

As the world marks 25 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, The State of the World’s Children calls for brave and fresh thinking to address age-old problems that still affect the most disadvantaged children.

Humanitarian Action for Children 2015

This report highlights the situation of children and women living in the most challenging circumstances, outlines the human and financial resources required to help them survive and thrive, and shows the results UNICEF and its partners have achieved and are working towards. Information about UNICEF...

Building the Social Work Workforce: Saving Lives and Families

Abstract: This article depicts a journey over the decades to address some of the needs of children and families in the child welfare system. Recounting a few key milestones and challenges in the past 40 years, it is argued that workforce development is one key to improved outcomes for abused and...

What is the Role of Social Work in China? A Multi-Dimensional Analysis

Abstract: This article analyzes the role of social work in the context of the special political, economic, cultural, and historical background in China. A historical perspective is used to understand the evolution of the Chinese welfare system and explain the timing of reintroducing the social work...

Review of Social Work Practice: An Emphasis on Public Social and Child Welfare

This review provides an overview of the current situation of social work practice in Cambodia.  It examines the degree of professionalization and institutionalization of the social work profession and practice in government, assesses UNICEF-supported social work trainings, and recommends methods...