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Improving Social Work in Brazil

Following a literature review published in 2012, Family for Every Child worked to develop a tool aimed at strengthening social services provision at national or sub-national levels, testing this tool in Brazil in 2012. This report provides an overview of the main results.

Social Work Practice: Engaging Individuals, Communities and Systems in Support of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy

This resource from the National Association of Social Workers outlines the many ways in which social workers provide a range of services to persons and communities affected by HIV. 

Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development: Voice of the Social Work Educators from Asia

This article reviews the challenges of social work education and practice in the Asian and Pacific regions and suggests possible steps to realize the goals of the global agenda in the context of those countries.

Impact of Health Systems Strengthening on Health

This report is a literature review that found that strengthening health services at the community-level, services integration and training the workforce to improve service delivery, including social services, has reduced mobidity and mortality and led to an uptick in healthy behaviors.

Evaluating the Target Effectiveness of Social Transfers: A Literature Review

This report is a review of the literature on social transfer programs, including their cost effectiveness of administering through community-based approaches involving the social service workforce and others working in child protection.

Relationship Between Family Economic Resources, Psychosocial Well-being & Educational Preferences of AIDS-Orphaned Children

This study examines the relationship between economic resources, psychosocial well-being, and educational preferences of 1,410 AIDS-orphaned children in southern Uganda. These findings suggest that the focus for care and support of orphaned children should not be limited to addressing their...

Researching the Linkages Between Social Protection and Children's Care in Ghana

This report aims to gain an understanding of the interactions between social protection programs and quality of care, including the role social service workers play in linking children to social services following the loss of parental care, family separation, reunification and care choices (...

Shifting Management of a Community Volunteer System for Improved Child Health Outcomes

Community-based strategies that foster frequent contact between caregivers of children under five and provide credible sources of health information are essential to improve child survival. Care Groups are a community-based implementation strategy for the delivery of social and behavior change...

Transforming Impossible into Possible: A Group Work Model in Workforce Development

This paper introduces a newly developed social work group intervention model in workforce development by addressing: 1) how this program can be best implemented for positive employment process and outcomes; 2) how it can be evaluated with sound measures; and 3) how it can be replicated in other...

Impact of the Mobile Team Social Service on the Society, Persons with Disabilities, and Their Families

This study collected data to determine the impact of the social services provided by the Mobile Team on behavior change and attitude shifts of parents of children with disabilities.