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Child Maltreatment in the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Proposed Global Framework on Research, Policy and Practice

This paper aims to suggest a framework for risk and protective factors that need to be considered in child protection in its various domains of research, policy, and practice during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Connecting Cash Transfers with Care for Better Child and Family Well-Being: Evidence from a qualitative evaluation in South Africa

Limited evidence exists of the effectiveness of combining cash transfers and family strengthening interventions in developing country contexts.

Issues and Challenges With COVID-19: Interventions Through Social Work Practice and Perspectives

Social workers are working at all levels - macro, mezzo, and micro - and adjusting their practices by temporarily discontinuing face-to-face services and moving to remote contact with clients, while maintaining the essential human relationships between providers and clients. This article highlights...

COVID-19 and Violence against Women and Children - A Second Research Round Up

This follow up report reviews 28 new studies on violence against women and children during COVID-19 and details some of the challenges providers face in providing services to those affected and recommends that additional attention and reporting on ethics is needed to ensure a ‘do no harm’ approach.

Parental Participation in Child Protection Practice: The experiences of parents and workers in Ghana

Drawing on in-depth, semi-structured interviews with eight child protection workers and 19 parents, this first study of its kind in Ghana reports participants’ experiences of participatory practices. Workers indicated they ensured transparency and diversity while promoting participatory practices...

Case Study on Family-Based Care - ACE Zambia

Drawing upon the case study of ACE Zambia this paper seeks to demonstrate the merit of family-based care as the prefered method of care for vulnerable children. The goal is to demonstrate a working model of family-based care as replicable framework that can be modified for other regions and...

The Hidden Impact of COVID-19 on Child Protection and Wellbeing

A new child protection thematic report shows the impact of COVID-19 on child protection, including increased incidences of GBV and increased stressors. The report calls for government leaders and decision-makers to increase efforts to protect children from the impacts of COVID-19 by designating the...

The De-Institutionalization Debate and Global Priority for Childrens Care

Multiple factors stand behind low global priority for children’s care, including the limited power of affected children and families, the issue’s multi-sectoral nature and competition for attention with other social welfare issues. This paper reviews those issues as it relates to prioritization of...

Alternative Care for Children Around the Globe: A desk review of the child welfare situation in all countries in the world

This report is a compilation of four years of research from desk reviews to try to determine numbers and current situation of children in alternative care.

Social Behavior Change/Community Engagement and Risk Communication Operational Checklist in Outbreaks

The OFDA-funded READY Initiative developed this checklist for INGOs/NGOs working in humanitarian response, primarily to use in regional/country level Outbreak Preparedness Planning Workshops.