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Making Sense of Data-Driven Decision Making in Education

This paper uses RAND research to show how schools and districts are analyzing achievement test results and other types of data to make decisions to improve student success. It examines data-driven decision-making (DDDM) policies and suggests future research in the field.

Job Burnout and Affective Wellbeing: A longitudinal study of burnout and job satisfaction among public child welfare workers

This paper discusses research on the proposed interrelationships of workplace demands and resources as predictors of burnout development and the subsequent impact of burnout on affective worker well-being (e.g. job satisfaction). The study uses longitudinal data collected from a sample of public...

Why Social Work Needs Mapping

Social work has been slow to adopt geographic information systems (GIS) as a tool for research and practice. This paper argues that GIS can benefit social work by continuing and strengthening the social survey tradition, providing a framework for understanding human behavior, identifying community...

Culturally Adapted Mental Health Intervention: A meta-analytic review

This paper is an analysis of 76 research studies looking at the availability and quality of mental health services provided to persons from historically disadvantaged racial and ethnic groups. The research found that interventions targeted to specific cultural or ethnic groups, including in native...

Implementing Evidence-Based Practice: A review of the empirical research literature

The article reports on the findings of a review of empirical studies examining the implementation of evidence-based practice (EBP) in the human services. 

Social Service Needs Assessments: A national review

More than 40 different needs assessments were analyzed regarding their goals, methods and findings. The study found that many needs assessments provided snapshots of programs but did not provide recommendations for the future. Most of the needs assessments were conducted in different formats and to...

Continuing Education Meetings and Workshops: Effects on professional practice and health care outcomes

This paper describes research assessing the effects of educational meetings on professional practice and healthcare outcomes. The authors found educational meetings, alone or combined with other interventions, can improve professional practice and healthcare outcomes for the patients. They also...

Alumni of a BSW-level Specialized Title IV-E Program Voice their Experiences in the Workplace

This study surveyed 289 alumni of a specialized Title IV-E program that prepares undergraduate social work students for careers in public child welfare. Findings indicate that graduates of this program were less likely than other caseworker to leave their positions.

Task Shifting of Antiretroviral Treatment From Doctors to Primary-Care Nurses in South Africa (STRETCH): A pragmatic, parallel, cluster-randomised trial

The article aims to assess the effects on mortality, viral suppression, and other health outcomes and quality indicators for streamlining tasks from doctors to other health care workers. 

Does Decentralization Increase Government Responsiveness to Local Needs?

This paper examines whether decentralization increases the responsiveness of public investment to local needs using a unique database from Bolivia. Empirical tests show that investment patterns in human capital and social services changed significantly after decentralization. These changes are...