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Developing and Strengthening Community Health Worker Programs at Scale

The CHW Reference Guide is designed for new CHW programs that are beginningthe planning process as well as for existing programs that are being strengthened or scaled up.

A Comprehensive Workforce Strategy to Advance Child Welfare Outcomes

This report is a compilation of input from leaders and universities in 28 U.S. states and counties. The group outlined pressing issues facing the child welfare workforce and strategies for developing the workforce to address these issues.

Factors Influencing the Career Choice and Retention of Community Mental Health Workers in Ghana

This study examines the views of stakeholders related to factors that influence career choices and retention of community mental health workers in Ghana. Those working in the field cited the positive reasons as well as challenges.

Evaluating the Target Effectiveness of Social Transfers: A Literature Review

This report is a review of the literature on social transfer programs, including their cost effectiveness of administering through community-based approaches involving the social service workforce and others working in child protection.

Workforce Development Framework

This framework is intended to increase understanding and use of promising and best practices for developing the workforce and contributing to the work environment.

Self-Efficacy in Newly-Hired Child Welfare Workers

Abstract: Child abuse and neglect in the United States resulted in 676,569 reports in 2011 (U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, 2012). Workers in this field struggle with low pay, high caseloads, inadequate training and supervision, and risk of violence, all of which contribute to worker...

Motivations for entering volunteer service and factors affecting productivity: A mixed method survey of STEPS-OVC volunteer HIV caregivers in Zambia

This study was designed to examine the motivations of individuals volunteering as STEPS-OVC caregivers; to explore their experiences in service, including perceived barriers to carrying out their volunteer work and if, and how, their expectations for volunteering had been met or not; to assess...

Under Recognized Cadres of HRH in Africa - Professionalizing the Social Service Workforce

This document, a draft awaiting publication, provides an overview of the social service workforce (SSW) in Africa.  The first section describes the need for a strong SSW, defines the workforce broadly, and describes the functions that it provides. The next section examines the current status of the...

Institutional Capacity Assessment of the Department of Social Services, Zimbabwe

Oxford Policy Management and Jimat Development Consultants were engaged by the Ministry of Labour and Social Services (MoLSS) to carry out a Capacity and Institutional Assessment of the Ministry’s Department of Social Services (DSS). The purpose of the assignment is to assess the Department’s human...

Staff Retention in Family Services Workbook 6 – Recruiting and Selecting the Right Staff in Child and Family Service

The purpose of this training and series of workbooks is to increase child and family service agencies’ effectiveness in developing and retaining their staff by applying information from research and best retention practices to their work. The foundation for this material is the important mission of...