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Challenges Experienced by Child and Youth Care Workers in Child and Youth Care Centres Working with Children

This article explores the challenges of child and youth care workers (CYCWs) working with children in South Africa. This article reports on qualitative in-depth semi-structured interviews conducted with 16 CYCWs and the data were subjected to thematical analysis.

Resilience of Social Auxillary Workers: Defined by strengths and coping abilities

Resilience has been identified as a protective factor that improves the ability to manage stress, promotes wellbeing and enables individuals to thrive in adverse circumstances. Many social auxiliary workers function independently with sporadic and brief supervision. Considering the stressful work...

How Peer Support Can Reduce Burnout and Improve Worker Well-Being

Child welfare workers experience burnout at a higher rate than other helping professions. Burnout increases the likelihood of turnover. Creating a work environment where peer support thrives can mitigate burnout, improve worker well-being, and reduce turnover. This infographic, from the U.S...

Centering Child Welfare Worker Well-being

Workers are the heart of the child welfare system. By centering their well-being, organizations are better able to support children and families. This infographic from the U.S. National Child Welfare Workforce Institute describes how child welfare organizations can center child welfare worker well-...

Reflecting on racial equity and prevention-focused systems discussion guide

Changing child welfare practice and culture to advance racial equity begins by talking openly. Listening to diverse experiences and ideas and using appreciative inquiry can help teams generate solutions for removing barriers to equity for families, children, and communities.

Client Violence Towards Childcare Workers: A Systematic Literature Review

Client violence against childcare workers is a relevant problem due to its impact on their well-being and the service they provide due to their significant role in the child protection process. This study explored violence against childcare workers using a systematic literature review.

Strengthening the Social Service Workforce as Part of the Recovery Process to Support a Transformed Care and Protection System for Children in Ukraine

On 26 April 2023, the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance and the Better Care Network (BCN) organized an event, under the auspices of the Ukraine Children’s Care Group, with child protection and care actors focused on strengthening the social service workforce as part of the recovery process...

Fostering Emotional and Mental Health in Residential Youth Care Facilities: A Systematic Review of Programs Targeted to Care Workers

Children and youth placed in residential youth care (RYC) exhibit complex emotional needs and significant mental health problems. Better outcomes in RYC have been associated with emotional availability from care workers. Nevertheless, many care workers struggle either with their own mental health...

Childcare Workers: Challenges faced during COVID-19

The Coronavirus (COVID−19) pandemic has increased anxiety and stress among childcare workers in many communities. This has given rise to the question of whether childcare workers have the capabilities to execute their operational responsibilities effectively during this period in ensuring that the...