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United Kingdom (Great Britain)

The Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development: A Conflicted Global Concept?

This paper reflects on the impact of The Global Agenda (GA) process and focuses on its relevance for social work practitioners and educators in the United Kingdom (UK). It asks, is there a global social work profession? The paper explores three key elements. Firstly, to what extent is it possible...

Children's Services Reform Research: Scotland’s Children’s Services Landscape: The Views and Experiences of the Children’s Services Workforce

This is a Scotland-based research study being undertaken by CELCIS, the Centre for Excellence for Children’s Care and Protection at the University of Strathclyde.

Children's Services Reform Research: Learning and Implications for Scotland

This Children’s Services Reform Research study is a Scotland-based research study which was undertaken by CELCIS, the Centre for Excellence for Children’s Care and Protection.

Stories from Edzell Lodge children’s home in the 1940s and 1950s: lessons for practice and research

‘Gnatola ma no kpon sia, eyenabe adelan to kpo mi sena’ (‘Until the lion has his or her own storyteller, the hunter will always have the best part of the story’) (Ghanian proverb, available at: http://thelionandthehunter. org/). Historically, both the discipline and profession of social work have...

For-profit outsourcing and its effects on placement stability and locality for children in care in England, 2011–2022: A longitudinal ecological analysis

The responsibility of local authorities in England to provide children in care with stable, local placements has become increasingly difficult due to the rising number of children in need of care and a shortage of available placements. It is unclear if the trend of outsourcing children's social...

Applying Universal Principles of ‘Best Interest’: Practice Challenges across Transnational Jurisdictions, Cultural Norms, and Values

This article sets out key issues in determining and upholding the best interests of children, in need of social service support, who have family networks that span outside of the UK.

The British Journal of Social Work, Volume 53, Issue 3: Voice and Influence of People with Lived Experience

This special issue of the British Journal of Social Work sought to attract academic papers of the same quality and integrity as those published regularly in the journal, the key differentiation being that a person with lived experience of social work had to be the lead or solo author. Areas covered...

Let's Talk Social Work Podcast: It's a family affair

Let’s Talk Social Work Podcast examined the U.K. Government’s strategy for children’s social care in England, Stable Homes Built on Love, and kinship care. Andy McClenaghan is joined by kinship carer, Natalie Boyes, Sam Turner, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at the charity Kinship, and Dr Paul...

UK Social Work & the War in Ukraine

The focus of this document is to support, inform and empower social workers across the UK in their ongoing practice and consideration of issues that arise in relation to people arriving and staying under the UK Ukraine visa schemes.  The document covers:

UK Social Work Practice in Safeguarding Disabled Children and Young People: A Qualitative Systematic Review

Disabled children have an increased risk of experiencing abuse, but we know that this group do not always receive the best child protection service. Often their abuse goes unnoticed and/or support is not put in place to better protect them, or help them to recover from abuse.