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Case Management Compendium

This Compendium of Case Management Tools and Resources represents the work of the Alliance Case Management Interest Group. Given increasing interest among Alliance members on the topic of case management, the Alliance has established and supported the work of the interest group and its two subgroups on Concepts and Principles of Case Management and on Case Management Tools and Resources. Interest groups are comprised of Alliance members who contribute their expertise on thematic areas. Learn more about Alliance interest groups and their work.

Given increasing interest on the topic of case management, two subgroups contributed to new case management resources. Members developed Core Concepts and Principles of Effective Case Management: Approaches for the Social Service Workforce. The second sub-group reviewed tools and resources to compile this compendium, meant to be useful to audiences of various workforce levels and organizations, representing practices from humanitarian and development perspectives across different regions.

This Compendium is not intended to be a comprehensive source of all tools and resources relating to the case management. We should note that even given the extensive work on collecting and screening the open source documents shared by the authors and included in the Compendium with the permission of different organizations, the Compendium is in its first edition.  Its continued improvement relies on each of you who will share additional relevant documents, use the tools included in the Compendium or adapt them for their own use. Our hope is that you will contact the Alliance to let us know ways in which it can become more relevant and more applicable across different contexts.

The Global Social Service Workforce Alliance would like to thank those who contributed to this Compendium. Please view the Compendium on Case Management Tools and Resources to see the full list of contributors.