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is to promote and strengthen the social service workforce to provide services when and where they are most needed, alleviate poverty, challenge and reduce discrimination, promote social justice and human rights, and prevent and respond to violence and family separation.

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RT @TheLancet: Authors call for urgent inclusion of psychosocial and economic support in #COVID19 response plans—children who have lost a parent or caregiver are at risk of profound adverse effects on their health, safety, and wellbeing. https://t.co/FrnQWqQRNK
@SSWAlliance - Jul 27
RT @FaithToAction: "We cannot let a generation of children be pushed out of families and into residential care because it's a quick fix for worsening poverty or because their primary caregivers are dying from disease." @ChangeCare4Kids https://t.co/xnn5YHB9B6
@SSWAlliance - Jul 27
RT @UNICEFInnocenti: Social Protection can: ⛔ Address the root causes of gender inequality ⚧ Transform harmful gender norms ⚖️ Rebalance the scales 🌍 Create a fairer world Our new report with @UN_Women reviews how #GenderEquality is considered in #SocialProtection programmes in 74 countries 👇

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