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Upcoming Events Relevant to the Social Service Workforce


Below is a listing of conferences, events and webinars taking place around the world on topics relevant to the social service workforce. To add your conference to this list, please send us information by using this form


[WEBINAR] Young Carers Voices - International Perspectives | 8-9 Jun 2023

2023 is the Commonwealth Year of Youth and with the development of the first Commonwealth Young Carers Charter, it has the potential to be a landmark year. There has also been significant progress in the recognition of the need for more young carers support in other countries around the world. To mark these developments, young carers and organisations from around the world will be coming together across two days in June to hear the voices of young carers and organisations that are supporting them.

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[IN-PERSON CONFERENCE] 6th International Conference on Practice Research in Social Work: Participation, co-creation and service users’ positions | 7 - 9 June 2023,  Aalborg University, Denmark

The participation of practitioners, service users and researchers and the collaboration and co-creation between the different actors are the very DNA of practice research. Through such collaboration and the negotiation between different partners, new ways of producing knowledge can be established: making it possible to transform the knowledge and finding into new and inspiring ways of doing social work, but also to have a critical analysis of social work practice, theories and methods. This conference will focus on practice research participation and co-creation in social work and more specifically on service users' participation and the service users' position in social work practice research.

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[IN-PERSON CONFERENCE] EASPD International Conference: Family-centered Early Childhood Intervention: How to make it work |  8 - 9 June 2023, Tirana, Albania

This conference, hosted by the European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD), will focus on how to build policies and practices in the field of support for children with disabilities, or with developmental difficulties, and their families. The conference will address the key elements of family-centered Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) practices and the creation of national ECI systems. It will also share the result of the EASPD and UNICEF joint action on emergency early childhood development for those who have been impacted by the war. The deadline for registration is 8 May 2023.

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[CONFERENCE] The BASW UK Annual Conference 2023: Practice, Research, Solidarity: Celebrating the social work community in tough times | 13 June 2023

The conference will focus on bringing the community of social workers - and students - together to celebrate and explore the value of social work, our allyship with people we work with, and the courageous responses the profession is making during tough political and economic times through themes of Practice, Research and Solidarity.

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[ONLINE EVENT] 2023 Annual Meeting for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action | 12-15 June 2023

The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action is organizing the 2023 Annual Meeting for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action over a virtual platform. This includes four days dedicated to the theme of the meeting, Children and their Protection at the Centre of Humanitarian Action: Research, Policy and Practice. The Annual Meeting enables all stakeholders and duty-bearers to come together once per year to discuss lessons and evidence, network, and collectively advocate for real change. 

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[IN-PERSON CONFERENCE] Joint Social Work Education and Research Conference | 15-16 June 2023, Glasgow, UK

The Joint Social Work Education and Research Conference is the UK's only conference covering the whole of the social work field. This year’s conference will take place at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. The theme acknowledges the vital role that social work played during the pandemic and will continue to play as we confront the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, coupled with global conflict, the economic crisis, political change and unrest across the UK and beyond. 

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[IN-PERSON CONFERENCE] 31st European Social Services Conference | 14-16 June 2023, Malmö, Sweden

The European Social Services Conference is the largest annual forum for social services professionals in Europe. The 2023 conference will centre on the role of technology and digitalization in the transformation of social services with a specific focus on people’s autonomy and inclusion. Through interactive workshops, panel discussions and plenary sessions, keynote speakers and organisations from around the world will offer insight into best practice and technological advancements in social services.

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[IN-PERSON CONFERENE] Haiti Family Care Network: Better Together Conference | 20-22 July 2023, Nashville, TN, US

Now more than ever, those of us working with children, youth and families in Haiti need one another. Together we can strive to find ways to remain committed in a country struggling under a heavy burden of conflict. The Better Together conference will provide a dedicated space and time to convene, share, and learn over two and half days in Nashville. Workshops will be focused on topics related to supporting children in families with special emphasis on the complexity of the current context. In addition to workshops, there will be plenty of time dedicated to connecting and growing relationships.

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[IN-PERSON CONFERENCE] ASEAN-Social Work Education and Social Development Conference 2023 |1-2 August, 2023, Hanoi, Vietnam

This international conference is jointly organized by the China and Global Development Network, Department of Applied Social Sciences at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and The Faculty of Sociology of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities. It aims to bring together academics and practitioners in social work and related disciplines to share their experiences in assessing and responding to emergencies, disasters, epidemics, and advancing social services for social development, particularly in the ASEAN region. 

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[HYBRID CONFERENCE] 5th Biennial International Conference on Alternative Care for Children in Asia (BICON) | 6-7 September 2023, Kathmandu, Nepal

BICON CONFERENCE LOGOBICON 2023 will be hosted both in person and online, with practitioners, government representatives, academics, and young people with lived experience of care coming together to discuss regional and national challenges, best practices and explore emerging trends related to alternative care reform and children’s rights in Asia. More than 300 delegates from across the globe will participate in a series of plenaries and panel discussions, with opportunities for informal networking. 

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[IN-PERSON CONFERENCE] 2023 ISPCAN European International Congress | 24-27 September 2023, Edinburgh, Scotland

The 2023 ISPCAN Congress, which will take place in person in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. ISPCAN will be partnering with the newly established Childlight, Global Child Safety Institute within the University of Edinburgh, whose mission is to gather and visualize the global prevalence and nature of child sexual exploitation and abuse. The theme of the congress embodies our ambition to better understand the most effective approaches for addressing adverse childhood experiences through prevention, treatment, research, policy and collaboration. 

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[IN-PERSON CONFERENCE] IFSW Asia Pacific Social Work Conference 2023 | 5-7 November 2023, Cebu City, Philippines

A call to register and submit abstract is now open for all social workers who wish to share, present, interact and connect with global social workers at Cebu City, Philippines, join the colleagues by registering for the Asia Pacific regional IFSW conference. 

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[IN-PERSON CONFERENCE] IFSW Africa Regional Conference 2023 | 22-24 November 2023, Lagos, Nigeria

IFSW Africa Social Work Conference 2023 The African Region social workers invite all professionals to join them in a regional conference to be held in Lagos, Nigeria. 

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[IN-PERSON CONFERENCE] REPSSI 7th Regional PSS forum: Mental Health in Context

REPSSI's 7th Regional Psychosocial Support Forum will take in South Africa from 2 - 5 October 2023 under the theme Mental Health in Context. The forum will explore the social, cultural, geographical and economic determinants of mental health. Taking into consideration the humanitarian- development-peace nexus the forum will interrogate the correlation between mental health outcomes, mental health interventions and services and other priority wellbeing outcomes for all African children and youth in a world that is recovering from the impact of COVID-19 and being impacted by war and climate change. Call for abstracts and registration information to come soon. 

[HYBRID CONFERENCE] The Joint Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development - SWSD 2024 | 4-7 April 2024, Panama City, Panama

The International Association of Schools of Social Work, the International Council on Social Welfare and the International Federation of Social Workers will be hosting the Joint Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development – SWSD 2024. The theme for the conference is "Respecting Diversity through Joint Social Action" and is expected to see more than 2000 participants worldwide, from April 4 to 7, 2024, in Panama City, Panama. 

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2024 Work and Family Researchers Network Conference |20-24 June 2024, Montreal, Canada

The 2024 conference theme is Big Questions in Work-Family, which will be part of a two-year agenda. The conference’s objective is to chart an agenda for the future of work-family research, policy and practice. In addition to sharing new research and seeking answers to big questions, this will be a working conference, fostering active participation and connectivity among diverse groups. We anticipate more than 500 work-family stakeholders in attendance and a dynamic program centered on meaningful exchange.  There will be numerous events to connect a global community of scholars with thought leaders in media, philanthropy, practice, policy, and social change.

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