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Institutional Capacity Assessment of the Department of Social Services, Zimbabwe

Oxford Policy Management and Jimat Development Consultants were engaged by the Ministry of Labour and Social Services (MoLSS) to carry out a Capacity and Institutional Assessment of the Ministry’s Department of Social Services (DSS). The purpose of the assignment is to assess the Department’s human...

Developmental Social Work Education in Southern and East Africa Final Report

This document reports on how the social development approach is being used by individual schools of social work in southern and east Africa. This research project aimed to contribute to knowledge development in this field through primary empirical research. This document reports on the objectives...

Pathways to Protection – Referral mechanisms and case management for vulnerable children in Eastern and Southern Africa

This discussion paper puts forward a set of lessons learned and recommendations for referral mechanisms and case management for vulnerable children in the Eastern and Southern Africa region (ESAR).

Evaluation Report of the REPSSI Certificate Programme

This report provides insight into how the REPSSI Certificate Programme built the capacity of carers of vulnerable children in the eight countries and the factors that have to be in place to deliver certificate progams that are high quality learning opportunities.