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The British Journal of Social Work, Volume 53, Issue 3: Voice and Influence of People with Lived Experience

This special issue of the British Journal of Social Work sought to attract academic papers of the same quality and integrity as those published regularly in the journal, the key differentiation being that a person with lived experience of social work had to be the lead or solo author. Areas covered...

Learning Green Social Work in Global Disaster Contexts: A Case Study Approach

Green social work (GSW) is a nascent framework within the social work field that provides insights regarding social workers’ engagement in disaster settings. Although this framework has recently garnered more attention, it remains under-researched and underdeveloped within the context of social...

Rethinking Child Welfare Recruitment

Recruiting talented people to work within public and tribal child welfare programs has always been a challenge and is now a crisis. Attracting employees to child welfare requires new approaches and strategies in the context of an ongoing pandemic and rapid societal change.

Qualitative Assessment Approaches for the Protection of Children with Disabilities Within Humanitarian Contexts

Children with disabilities are particularly vulnerable in humanitarian settings, yet they are often not able to access the services and protection they need. While multiple factors create these barriers, a major cause is how data about children with disabilities is collected and mapped. Data...

The Routledge International Handbook of Digital Social Work

This handbook provides an authoritative and cutting-edge overview of current research and trends related to the emerging field of digital technology and social work. This book is divided into six sections:

Global social work working conditions and wellbeing

This research explores the working conditions of social workers around the globe, using a mixed-methods approach. A survey of working conditions and wellbeing was distributed to social workers via email and social media. Results subsequently informed the interview schedule for individual semi-...

Progress of the social service professions in South Africa's developmental social welfare system: Social work, and child and youth care work

This paper examines the progress of the social service professions delivering developmental social welfare in South Africa, a subject we have followed closely over the last 20 years. Being policy-driven, developmental social welfare stemmed from expert social analyses that resulted in technically...

Proposed Guidance for Costing the Social Service Workforce

Adequate investment in the social service workforce ensures that people in need can receive social services that are of sufficient quality to uphold their rights, promote their well-being and help them achieve their full potential.

Proposed Guidance on Developing Minimum Social Service Workforce Ratios

An adequately planned, developed, and supported social service workforce is critical to enable equitable access to social protection and basic social welfare for all, in both development and humanitarian contexts.

Social Service Workers in Health Facilities

Their Role in Addressing Social and Other Determinants of Health Among Children and Families