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Child marriage case management guideline

In 2016-2020, Terre des hommes-Lausanne Foundation (Tdh) and King’s College London (KCL) conducted the research “Understanding child marriage amongst Syrian Refugee Communities in Jordan and Lebanon”.

After consulting with a group of relevant stakeholders, Tdh/KCL identified four ways to share the research findings, including a brief operational guidance for child marriage case management, highlighting findings that are relevant to caseworkers working with Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon, as well as their supervisors.

This guidance is largely based on both the Tdh/KCL research findings and existing case management guidance. Building upon efforts done by various agencies, this guidance compiles relevant parts of Tdh and inter-agency child protection (CP) and gender-based violence (GBV) existing guidance. It is not based on a review of global evidence on child marriage and should be reviewed and adapted if used in other contexts.

It aims to tailor existing case management standards and guidance to include specific elements that are relevant to child marriage cases; using the voices of Syrian refugee girls from the Tdh/KCl research in Lebanon and Jordan to support CP and GBV case management staff in their case management work on the issue of child marriage.

This document will be tested by case management professionals in the field, and subject to revisions where relevant. 

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