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Case management

Practitioner Handbook for Alternative Family- and Community- Based Care

This handbook is a summarized, user-friendly version of the operating procedures for alternative family- and community-based care options. It provides an overview of each type of care, key considerations, and the process followed for placement. The handbook aims to provide an easy and quick...

Child Protection in Humanitarian Action Competency Framework

The revised Child Protection in Humanitarian Action Framework is now available. This new version is more closely aligned with the Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (CPMS), and better reflects the competencies required to work effectively with other sectors. The format...

Transforming Care: Individual Social Work in Post-Conflict Zone for Children and Youth

The significance of efficient social service provision has gained increased attention in war-affected regions following the Russia-Ukraine war conflict. The conventional method of establishing social services is currently facing criticism due to an increasing acknowledgment of the advantages...

Disability Inclusive Child Protection Competency Framework for the Social Service Workforce

The Disability Inclusive Child Protection Competency Framework for the Social Service Workforce (DICP Competency Framework) presents the competencies needed by the social service workforce (SSW) for child protection to deliver their functions in disability-inclusive and accessible ways.

Guidelines on Communicating with Children and Young People - Recommendations from Care Experienced Persons in Care

The purpose of these guidelines is to support practitioners to develop messaging for children and young people that clearly communicates the intention to transition and the implications for children and young people in care. The guidelines seek to address challenges so that children and young...

Breaking the Cycle: Reclaiming Hope and Belonging for Youth Leaving Institutional Care in Uganda

This is a youth-led, accessible video series accompanied by a guidebook. It is designed to identify, address, and support the healing journey for children, young people, and youth in Uganda experiencing well-being and mental health adversity.

Case Management: A Scalable Model for Reintegration of Children without Parental Care in Kenya

Effective and sustainable reintegration requires a solid conceptual framework and an appropriate and standardized case management approach. Kenya was lacking a comprehensive, participatory, and standardized package that included guidance, standard operating procedures, tools and training on what...

How Case Management Contributes to Sustainable Reintegration of Children from Residential Care to Family-Based Care & Community Services

Case management is the process of identifying, assessing, planning, referring, and tracking referrals, and monitoring the delivery of services in a timely, context-sensitive, individualized, and client-centered manner. Case management is used within child welfare and protection programming, and has...

Community Mental Health Good Practice Guide: Inclusive Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) in Humanitarian Emergencies

This document provides guidance on inclusive MHPSS programming in humanitarian emergencies. It is designed to highlight essential frameworks and principles, and the need for robust and sustainable MHPSS programming, rather than to provide detailed MHPSS technical guidance.