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Child Protection Information Management System+ Summary Report

The Child Protection Information Management System+ (CPIMS+) database is one of the modules in the broader open-source and browser-based Primero (Protection-related information management for emergency response operations) software platform.1 The CPIMS+ is the module that supports child protection case management (CM) programs. Together with the database, the CPIMS+ comes with a range of tools in order to support key elements of Information Management for Case Management (IM4CM) – e.g. Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and the Inter-Agency Guidelines for Case Management and Child Protection. This review summary report presents the main successes and challenges as shared by those working – either directly or indirectly – with the CPIMS+, as well as recommendations for improvement. The last section of this summary report presents a roadmap for implementation. For more detailed findings and recommendations of this review, see the full report. 

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Roy Tjan
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