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Resourcing Resilience: The case for social protection for adherence and HIV-related outcomes in children and adolescents in Eastern and Southern Africa

This powerful call to action summarizes and references strong evidence that early childhood is the basis of the future for individuals and for national development. The paper calls investors to recognize the multi-dimensionality of children’s wellbeing by funding holistic packages for young children and caregivers which include: maternal, newborn and children’s nutrition, early childhood care and education, protection from violence and neglect, caregiver support and a safety net. The authors call on the world community to pay attention to the challenge of children living outside of family care. The paper ends with a summary of strategic investments which have been made and calls for more investment in the holistic development of young children.

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Lesley Gittings, Elona Toska, Rebecca Hodes, Lucie D. Cluver, Nompumelelo Zungu, Kaymarlin Govender, KE Chademana, Vincent Evans Gutiérrez, Regional Inter-Agency Task Team on Children and AIDS in Eastern and Southern Africa
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