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Case Management Standard Operating Procedures for Child Programming in Uganda

This toolkit builds on Ugandan experience and lessons identifying, enrolling, supporting, and graduating vulnerable children and families out of program support. It serves to replace existing set of tools for OVC programming and will be used alongside the National Handbook for Probation and Social Welfare Officers and the Case Management Handbook for Child Protection, which are both in the process of being updated to reflect this new guidance. This toolkit reflects the Ministry's commitment to guide and coordinate the delivery of social care and support services for vulnerable children and families. It includes a set of standardized approaches and tools to ensure that partners, working to empower vulnerable children and families, are guided by common steps, shared tools, and consistent indicators to monitor and measure reduced vulnerability and readiness for graduation. In this way, case management is a vital tool which helps bring to life the social protection goals contained in the Social Development Sector Plan.

Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Uganda
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