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Endline Program Evaluation of the Strengthening Public Sector Social Services Systems in Ethiopia Project

This report presents the endline performance evaluation of the Strengthening Public Sector Social Services Systems in Ethiopia (SPSSSSE) project, funded by USAID and implemented by the Ethiopian Society of Sociologists, Social Workers and Anthropologists (ESSSWA). This evaluation contributes to understanding of mechanisms and results in context of SPSSSSE efforts to support improved quality, reach, and effectiveness of social services through workforce development. Key project achievements include the number of paraprofessional social workers (PSWs) trained with project support, and deployed, and progress in capacity development across many system elements. Recommendations for continuing to strengthen the public sector social services system in Ethiopia include: n Clarify separate and shared responsibilities, including expectations for system components to interact and collaborate at all levels, to reduce gaps, delays, and friction in coordinated case management; n Regularize PSW employment mechanisms and pay status, building transparent GoE and regional structures to maintain this new workforce in place and manage them professionally to continuously provide quality services that contribute toward social goals; and n Invest in management and communications support, with an immediate focus on management information systems (including but not limited to PSW selection, training, accreditation, placement, credits for continuous learning or upgrades, and performance reviews) to promote a sustainable, qualified, and functioning social services workforce supporting each community.

Catherine Elkins for USAID
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