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Promoting the Social Inclusion of Migrant Children and Young People: The duty of social services

This report aims to address some common and key themes emerging from a questionnaire and in-person meeting to discuss the role of the social service workforce in inclusion of migrant children and young people. Section one describes the main difficulties in the reception of migrant children in Europe, such as the conditions at the ‘hotspots’, age-assessment, and preventing child-trafficking. Section two focuses on care and support for unaccompanied children, specifically access to key services, such as accommodation, healthcare and education and the coordination of these services through a guardian. Section three also analyses services access but with a focus on migrant families, while section four focuses on the role played by education and labour market integration in the transition to adulthood of unaccompanied migrant young people.

Valentina Guerra, David Brindle
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Gray literature
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