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World Social Work Day

Buen Vivir: Shared Future for Transformative Change

19 March 2024

 World Social Work Day 2024

Every year, World Social Work Day is celebrated across the world on the third Tuesday of March, and events are organized throughout the month of March. The day is an opportunity for social workers and others in the social service sector to celebrate their achievements as well as to raise awareness and support for the important role that social workers play in the lives of children, families and communities facing adversity. The day calls attention to the need for further planning, development and support to the profession and social service sector.  

The next World Social Work Day takes place on the 19 March 2024. The theme is ‘Buen Vivir: Shared Future for Transformative Change’, which emphasizes the need for social workers to adopt innovative, community-led approaches that are grounded in indigenous wisdom and harmonious coexistence with nature. 

Below find ways to engage and celebrate during World Social Work Day. 


Advocate for Greater Support and Funding

Help advocate for greater support of and funding for the social service workforce. Please find advocacy materials to assist in all your advocacy efforts below. 

IFSW Poster

The global poster from the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) with this year's theme is available in different languages. All are welcome to co-brand the poster by adding their logo alongside the IFSW logo. 

Access here.

Global Social Service Workforce Alliance Social Media Toolkit

To assist in your advocacy efforts, the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance has created pre-written content. We invite you to use or adapt the content as well as the graphic created by the International Federation of Social Workers throughout your social media channels. Be sure to also follow the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance on social media for easy-to-share posts on World Social Work Day and throughout the month of March.

Access here.

National Association of Social Workers Toolkit

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) in the United States has developed a toolkit of materials for Social Work Month, including social media posts, proclamations for sign on, a sample press release and a sample letter to the editor. Their theme for the NASW-sponsored Social Work Month 2023 is Empowering Social WorkersUse the items in their toolkit to celebrate and advocate.

Additional Alliance Advocacy Tools

We encourage you to continue advocating for the social service workforce in the months and years to come. The Alliance has numerous tools and resources to assist in all of your advocacy efforts, including:


Take Part in Celebrations and Events

The following celebrations, events and webinars are taking place across the globe in celebration of World Social Work Day/Month. Join in to celebrate, advocate and learn.

[VIRTUAL EVENTS] British Association of Social Workers World Social Work Month Events | Throughout March

The British Association of Social Workers will host a full month of activities and events to promote and celebrate the profession during March as part of World Social Work Month. They will bring together leading voices in social work along with experts by experience through a programme of events and initiatives.

Learn more about the planned events.

[WEBINAR] African Indigenous Approach to Transformative Change | 16 March 2024, 5pm WAT

The Young African Social Workers Network invite you to join them for an online event on 16 March via Facebook Live. Through a panel of social workers from various countries across Africa they will discuss the African indigenous approach to transformative change. 

Learn more. 

[VIRTUAL SESSIONS] Social Work Week 2024: Sessions by Social Work England | 18-22 March 2024

Social Work England will be co-producing and delivering 21 free sessions during social work week. Anyone can book free tickets for the virtual sessions curated or supported by Social Work England. In addition to the Social Work England programme, there are over 40 events being hosted independently.

Learn more and register.

[WEBINAR] Advancing Protection & Care for Children in Adversity (APCCA) Learning Session - Strengthening the Social Service Workforce: Findings from a cross country assessment | 19 March 2024, 8:30-10am EST

This webinar from the U.S. Government’s Advancing Protection and Care for Children in Adversity (APCCA) secretariat and D4I will start with a brief overview of a recent cross-country assessment and the state of the social service workforce in Armenia, Cambodia, and Rwanda. The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion to further delve into the assessment’s findings related to planning, developing, and supporting the social service workforce across the three countries. There will also be an interactive Q&A session afterward. 

Learn more. 

Cross Border Family Connections: 7 Principles to protect children's rights in practice | 19 March 2024, 14:00-15:00 GMT

Jointly hosted by the International Social Service (ISS) and Children and Families Across Borders (CFAB), the webinar aims to address the urgent need for a family-first approach in child protection within our diverse and interconnected world. Through practical case examples, they'll explore the significance of cross border family connections and how these principles can be integrated into policy and practice.

Learn more.

[HYBRID CONFERENCE] World Social Work Day at the United Nations Geneva | 20 March 2024, 9:00-16:00 CET, Geneva

World Social Work Day 2024 (WSWD), taking place at the United Nations in Geneva and online, will explore the topic Buen Vivir in Social Work: Co-building a Sustainable and Just Future and discuss how social workers can adopt innovative, community-led approaches based on alternative value systems that emphasize a more harmonious coexistence with nature.

Learn more and register.

[FORUM] The 15th Eurasia Forum of Social Workers | 20-22 March 2024, Pattaya City, Thailand

This workshop aims to introduce a World Social Work Day concept to practitioners, teachers and students of social work, promote Eurasia Forum of social workers as the instrument of bringing continents together as well as show and share the experience and expertise of social work practice and training among Eurasia area countries.

Learn more and register.