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The Alliance aims to advance knowledge and generate knowledge on best practices in social service workforce strengthening by organizing and disseminating resources, tools and models.

Resource Database

The Alliance hosts a Resource Database with over 2,000 resources and tools to advance knowledge on the best practices related to planning, developing and supporting the social service workforce. Resources can be found by programatic theme, workforce theme, country, resource type and language. If you have a resource or tool for inclusion in the resource database, please let us know by using our contribution form.   

The Alliance provides these resources for public use but does not endorse any particular resource. Some resource links will take you off the Alliance website. Linking to these external sites does not constitute or imply an endorsement of the sites' resources and content by the Alliance. 

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COVID-19 Resources

The Alliance has curated a list of resources and tools focused specifically on ensuring the social service workforce is appropriately equipped, empowered, and protected in order to mitigate the damaging effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thepage includes COVID-19 resources specific to mental health and psychosocial support,child protection, case management, alternative care, gender-based violence, service provision to vulnerable populations, working within communities and across sectors, and advocacy. 

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Alliance-Developed Resources

The Alliance has developed and collaborated on a number of resources and tools to accelerate programming on social service workforce strengthening, and aid efforts to better plan, develop and support the social services workforce. We highly encourage the use of these resources and tools. If you translate any of the documents into other language please contact us, as the translations may be of use to others.

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Case Management Compendium

The use of quality case management practices has been shown to improve decision-making and service delivery in child welfare and protection, which reduces violence against children, prevents unnecessary family separation, and improves child and family outcomes. The compendium is a compilation of case management tools and resources organized under the following themes: core concepts and principles, tools and forms, standard operating procedures and training materials. It is intended to be useful to audiences of various workforce levels and organizations, representing practices from humanitarian and development perspectives across different regions.

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The Alliance hosts a blog focused on challenges and promising practices related to social service workforce strengthening. Blog posts are developed by our members and partners. If you would like to contribute to the blog please contact us.

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Workforce Profiles

The social service workforce is includes a variety of workers – paid and unpaid, governmental and nongovernmental – who staff the social service system and contribute to the care of children, families, individuals, and communities facing adversity. Our collection of worker profiles helps to shine a spotlight on the various tasks and training of different types of workers, as well as what motivates them to stay on the job.

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Email Newsletters

The Alliance produces a newsletter every month with information about and for the global social service workforce, including publications, news, events, blogs and more. If you have workforce-related information you would like us to include in the newsletter, please contact us. If you want to receive the newsletter each month, sign up to become a member.

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