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Upcoming Events Relevant to the Social Service Workforce


The Alliance regularly receives updates from members regarding events being held by their organization or in their region. Below is a listing of conferences, events and webinars taking place around the world on topics relevant to the social service workforce. To add your conference to this list, please send us information by using this form


[Webinar] Estimating and monitoring caseloads for social workers

3 February 2022, 2–3:45 PM (UTC/GMT+2)

Estimations of the ideal, or at least serviceable, caseload per social worker are useful when planning, developing and supporting the social service workforce. On a policy level, development and implementation of case management systems and other services require analysis of gaps and needs of human capacity in which estimated caseload per social worker is a useful variable. On a practice level, monitoring caseloads help to ensure quality of services and adequate working conditions for social workers. However, estimating, setting targets and monitoring caseloads for social workers are difficult exercises. Cases differ in complexity; clients have different needs and some cases are more time consuming than others. Social workers have different levels of skills and experience and the task they are expected to perform vary between systems. Further, lack of financial and human resources makes setting targets for caseloads a balancing act between providing services at scale while at the same time assuring quality.

Recognizing the challenges, this webinar will offer practical examples within the child protection field, from the MENA region and beyond, of how caseloads can be estimated and monitored.

The Global Disability Summit

16-17 February 2022

The Global Disability Summit offers a concrete mechanism for collecting new, ambitious, and widespread commitments which are critical to achieving real change for persons with disabilities. The first Global Disability held in 2018 (GDS18) was a historic event for disability inclusion, co-hosted by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the Government of Kenya, and the International Disability Alliance (IDA). The GDS18 inspired unprecedented engagement and generated commitments to action that will help deliver Agenda 2030’s vision to ‘Leave No One Behind’ (LNOB) as well as existing obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). The International Disability Alliance, the Government of Norway, and the Government of Ghana will host the second Global Disability Summit. The Summit will be mainly virtual.


IPSCAN Quebec City Congress

28-30 March 2022

In a post-pandemic context, the theme of the congress “Caring Communities to Improve the Well-being of Children and Families” could not be better chosen. Indeed, COVID-19 has seriously damaged our social and community fabric, and the most vulnerable children in our societies are among those who will suffer the most in the long run. For them, we must rebuild our solidarities, recreate our links, repair our communities and relaunch our alliances to better support our families. Come share your knowledge and your solutions to ensure that, from north to south, as many children and adolescents as possible can grow up in nurturing environments free from violence, abuse and neglect.


The People's Global Summit | Co-building a New Eco-Social World: Leaving No One Behind 

29th June to 2nd July 2022

The Alliance is proud to be a partner for IFSW's upcoming People's Summit. The summit will bring together individuals and communities, people of lived experiences, along with global organizations to create a set of globally shared values for an eco-social world that leaves no one behind. It will provide spaces for individuals as well as for group representatives to advance their ideas and provide a platform for engagement across different cultures, diverse lived experiences, professional groups, and perspectives. All contributions will shape the Global Values Declaration for a new eco-social world that will be delivered to the United Nations High-Level Political Forum in July 2022 and will create a catalyst for further global action.