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Upcoming Events Relevant to the Social Service Workforce


Below is a listing of conferences, events and webinars taking place around the world on topics relevant to the social service workforce. To add your conference to this list, please send us information by using this form

 [WEBINAR] Child Development Account Research and Policy: Planning, Implementation, and Impacts of a Large Social Experiment | 4 October 2023, 9:15 to 10:30 AM (GMT+8)

This webinar, from the National University of Singapore will explore Child Development Accounts (CDAs) as an asset-building policy innovation. CDAs invest in all children for their future development. The SEED for Oklahoma Kids (SEED OK) policy experiment is applied CDA research with important findings and policy influence. Speakers will share insights from SEED OK research design, implementation, and results, assess policy impacts in the United States and other countries, and conclude with a global vision for CDA policy. Social work practitioners can use this knowledge to increase their understanding and interactions with CDAs and other asset-building policies in Singapore. Social policy makers can gain an understanding of the potential for CDAs to benefit all children, and build on Singapore’s leadership in asset-based social policy.

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[IN-PERSON CONFERENCE] Social Services Leading Care in the Community | 9-10 October, 2023, Barcelona, Spain

The European Social Network advocates for everyone with care or support needs to be enabled to live in their homes and communities. This approach is also supported by the EU Spanish Presidency and the Regional Government of Catalonia, with whom they are jointly organising this seminar to discuss how we can further promote community care across Europe.

Over two days, they will discuss with experts, decision makers, social services managers, practitioners, and persons with care experience: 

  • Where do we stand in terms of deinstitutionalising social services?
  • Can we make the economic case for community care?
  • How do we ensure quality in community-based settings?
  • What are the next steps to making community-based care available to all persons in need?

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[VIRTUAL FORUM] Environmental Justice: Through the Social Work Lens | 1-2 November 2023

Attend the U.S. National Association of Social Work's 2023 Virtual Forum and discover how social work can play a transformative role in addressing pressing environmental challenges. Experts will share insights about the intersection of social work and environmental justice, empowering participants with a deeper understanding of the impact we all can make. Keynotes, plenaries, and breakout sessions will address topics such as mental health/climate anxiety, ecosocial work, environmental health disparities, activism, racism, ethics, and more. 

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[IN-PERSON CONFERENCE] IFSW Asia Pacific Social Work Conference 2023 | 5-7 November 2023, Cebu City, Philippines

A call to register and submit abstract is now open for all social workers who wish to share, present, interact and connect with global social workers at Cebu City, Philippines, join the colleagues by registering for the Asia Pacific regional IFSW conference. 

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[IN-PERSON CONFERENCE] IFSW Africa Regional Conference 2023 | 22-24 November 2023, Lagos, Nigeria

IFSW Africa Social Work Conference 2023 The African Region social workers invite all professionals to join them in a regional conference to be held in Lagos, Nigeria. 

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[IN-PERSON CONFERENCE] The International Conference on Social Work and Social Research: Financial Capability and Asset Building for All | 24-25 November 2023, Baku, Azerbaijan

This international convening will provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to discuss current issues in social work and social policy. By facilitating the exchange of knowledge and insights, the conference seeks to elevate the well-being of vulnerable populations.

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[IN-PERSON CONFERENCE] REPSSI 7th Regional PSS forum: Mental Health in Context

REPSSI's 7th Regional Psychosocial Support Forum will take in South Africa from 2 - 5 October 2023 under the theme Mental Health in Context. The forum will explore the social, cultural, geographical and economic determinants of mental health. Taking into consideration the humanitarian- development-peace nexus the forum will interrogate the correlation between mental health outcomes, mental health interventions and services and other priority wellbeing outcomes for all African children and youth in a world that is recovering from the impact of COVID-19 and being impacted by war and climate change. Call for abstracts and registration information to come soon. 

[HYBRID CONFERENCE] The Joint Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development - SWSD 2024 | 4-7 April 2024, Panama City, Panama

The International Association of Schools of Social Work, the International Council on Social Welfare and the International Federation of Social Workers will be hosting the Joint Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development – SWSD 2024. The theme for the conference is "Respecting Diversity through Joint Social Action" and is expected to see more than 2000 participants worldwide, from April 4 to 7, 2024, in Panama City, Panama. 

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[CONFERENCE] 2024 Work and Family Researchers Network Conference | 20-24 June 2024, Montreal, Canada

The 2024 conference theme is Big Questions in Work-Family, which will be part of a two-year agenda. The conference’s objective is to chart an agenda for the future of work-family research, policy and practice. In addition to sharing new research and seeking answers to big questions, this will be a working conference, fostering active participation and connectivity among diverse groups. We anticipate more than 500 work-family stakeholders in attendance and a dynamic program centered on meaningful exchange.  There will be numerous events to connect a global community of scholars with thought leaders in media, philanthropy, practice, policy, and social change.

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