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Member Spotlight:John Mary Ssekate

John Mary SsekateLocation: Uganda

Organization: National Association of Social Workers of Uganda (NASWU)

Title: National Coordinator

Please tell us about your role in advocating for or strengthening the social service workforce.

I coordinate social service workforce strengthening activities in Uganda.

What motivates you to work in this field?

Serving the weak and vulnerable in our community.

From your experience, please describe one or two key challenges that you face in strengthening the social service workforce? 

Limited funds and limited government support of the social service sector.

How long have you been a member of the Alliance?

Six years.

What was the primary reason you decided to join the Alliance?

Networking and learning from other professionals.

What value does the Alliance bring to your efforts to strengthen the social service workforce?

Opportunity to learn through the latest publications and updates across their global network.