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Building Social Support in Ukraine

In commemoration of the one-year anniversary of International Federation of Social Workers Europe's (IFSW Europe) presence in Ukraine, this report captures the shared efforts, accomplishments, and impact that has been achieved in strengthening the field of social work in Ukraine and fostering resilience during the most challenging times of war. IFSW Europe's work in Ukraine was powered by the vision of fostering a community where social workers could thrive in the main interest of helping people, where their expertise could be amplified by the strength of decisions makers, and where vulnerable people and communities could receive the support they need. Over the past year, this vision has been brought to life through tireless teamwork, innovative strategies, a strong international response of solidarity, and the desire and commitment of the community and people in Ukraine to find solutions. This report reflects on the initiatives that have taken root, the lives that have been positively impacted, and the partnerships that have been forged. 

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