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Insights from Moldova: Role of Collective Impact in Workforce Strengthening

In 2022, Changing the Way We Care in partnership with the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection (MoLSP) launched a Working Group focused on strengthening the social service workforce in Moldova. The Workforce Strengthening Working Group (WG), facilitated by CTWWC partner Keystone Moldova, aimed to improve the continuous training of social workers, strengthen partnerships with academia, and professionalize the supervision of social workers.

The WG was the first to be convened using CTWWC Moldova's Collective Impact approach. The Collective Impact approach places an emphasis on using a participatory and inclusive process that seeks to bring together all stakeholders under one umbrella to develop joint solutions to common issues. The result was a seminal collaboration between the government, academia, and civil society to strengthen and further professionalize the social workers of today and tomorrow.

This brief showcases five insights from using the Collective Impact approach. 

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