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Insights from Moldova: Role of Targeted Economic Support in Reintegration of Children

In September 2022, Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC) launched an initiative to provide targeted economic support to assist the reintegration of children into families or placement into family based alternative care. Informed by previous experiences in reintegration and information captured in the individual child and family assessments, the CTWWC team developed a standardized and equitable approach to identifying the type and amount of targeted economic support required. The approach aimed to ensure that: (1) decisions about economic support are made based on a clear criteria and (2) critical learnings are documented to inform advocacy efforts and provide evidence as to the types of support required to facilitate safe and sustained family placement.

Over a year into the initiative, the CTWWC team found that the targeted economic support can have an almost immediate benefit for a child and a family.

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