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Transition Capacity Building Roadmap

The Transition Capacity Building Roadmap was developed to support national efforts to scale up transition capacity. It outlines key considerations for capacity building, drawing on residential care transition learning, documentation, research, and practitioner experience across different countries and contexts.

The goal of the capacity-building roadmap is to guide governments and non-government organizations in their efforts to:

  • Identify priority areas for capacity building at the different levels as a part of developing national, sustainable, and at-scale strategies to reduce reliance on residential care.
  • Design training and technical skills development pathways that will allow for the development of technical competency and expertise among practitioners.
  • Develop training content that targets the specific areas of knowledge required of practitioners to provide practical and comprehensive technical support to transitioning residential care services.
  • Develop recruitment strategies and establish multidisciplinary technical support teams to deliver technical support services to residential care services undergoing transition
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