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World Social Work Day 2022

Co-building a New Eco-Social World: Leaving No One Behind

15th March 2022

World Social Work Day 2022

Every year, World Social Work Day is celebrated across the world on the third Tuesday of March, and events are organized throughout the month of March. The day is an opportunity for social workers and others in the social service sector to celebrate their achievements as well as to raise awareness and support for the important role that social workers play in the lives of children, families and communities facing adversity. The day calls attention to the need for further planning, development and support to the profession and social service sector.  

The next World Social Work Day takes place on the 15th March 2022. The theme: ´Co-building a New Eco-Social World: Leaving No One Behind´ coincides with the theme of the People´s Summit, of which the Alliance is a partner, that will take place on the 29th June to the 2nd July.

The theme presents a vision and action plan to create new global values, policies and practices that develop trust, security and confidence for all people and the sustainability of the planet. World Social Work Day 2022 will be a highlight opportunity for the social work profession to engage all social work networks and the community they work within to make contributions to the values and principles which enable all people to have their dignity respected through shared futures. 

The 2022 theme involves extensive global partnerships representing 100s of millions of people. The 2022 World Social Work Day will act as a platform for this initiative, to engage all communities so they can have their say in what kind of collective world they want to live in. 

Return to this page for more details on upcoming events and activities taking place on World Social Work Day. We also invite you to share with us your initiatives, events, and proposals to celebrate #WSWD2022. We will upload information about your planned event on this page and distribute them among social service workers across the globe.