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How are you advocating for the social service workforce?

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Nicole Brown
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How are you advocating for the social service workforce?

During Social Service Workforce Week we're highlighting the reasons why we need a strong social service workforce to be best positioned to help fulfill the SDGs, in particular the SDGs on violence, migration and health. How are you advocating for the workforce and what results have you helped to achieve in your country? Please share your approaches and innovative ideas here so others can apply them.

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Kelly McDonald
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USAID's multi-sectoral nutrition project, SPRING, has created a toolkit to help in-country stakeholders better advocate for strengthening the community health worker (CHW) workforce for nutrition. In-country stakeholders can use these materials to:

  • Identify which nutrition-related services CHWs can provide, according to policies;
  • Prioritize and/or reassign responsibilities to avoid overburdening CHWs;
  • Build a stronger foundation of policies, tools, and systems for CHWs to conduct their work;
  • Plan additional support to CHWs;
  • Design and conduct other in-depth assessments of community nutrition programs;
  • Inform program implementers to strengthen community health interventions.

I invite you to look at the toolkit here: and let us know how you use these resources.Regards,Kelly