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Join Our Circle of Champions (for Individuals)

Social worker and a child

As we commemorate a decade of impact, we're embarking on a new journey toward sustainability and growth. Join us today, strengthen the social service workforce and enhance the well-being and build the resilience of children, families, and communities worldwide.

By making an annual gift of $1,000 or more, you will become a part of a vibrant global community of like-minded individuals dedicated to strengthening one of the word's most essential workforces. As a cherished supporter, you’ll be invited to immerse yourself in lively and strategic discussions with our leadership, gaining an inside look at the dynamic and impactful work of our members and partners as well as of dedicated social service workers across the globe. You will also receive exclusive progress updates on how the Circle of Champions is making a positive contribution in communities across the globe. Your commitment will also be acknowledged on our website and digital platforms.

Over the coming years, the Circle of Champions will play a pivotal role in helping us raise vital funds to achieve our ambitious goals. Join us today and be a driving force for positive change around the world. Together, we can make a difference that truly matters to individuals and families in need, and communities in crisis.

Tier 1: Scaling Champions - $10,000 annually 

Your annual contribution of $10,000 will directly fuel the scale-up of impactful projects and initiatives, ensuring the most at-risk children, families, and communities around the world receive the support they need. 

With your support, we can:

  • Host our Annual Symposium, uniting social service practitioners, academics, researchers, policy makers, and advocates from across the globe so they can pool their knowledge and experience to drive change.

  • Develop our annual State of the Social Service Workforce Report, shedding light on critical workforce trends and showcasing the latest innovative approaches to workforce strengthening.

  • Create new evidence-based guidance and tools that equip local actors with the knowledge and strategies to assess and strengthen the workforce where it is most needed.


Tier 2: Impact Advocates - $5,000 annually

Your annual contribution of $5,000 will significantly advance the impact of our initiatives, bringing about positive change for social service workers and those they serve. 

With your support, we can:

  • Expand workforce strengthening efforts into additional countries and regions through the translation and dissemination of crucial guidance documents.

  • Ensure our resources and tools remain up-to-date with the latest trends and feedback by supporting regular updates.

  • Elevate the profile of social service workers and advocate for their essential roles by hosting Social Service Workforce Week, a once a year opportunity to focus minds, pool learning, and convince decision makers of the vital roles the workforce plays.


Tier 3: Communications Collaborators - $2,500 annually 

Your annual contribution of $2,500 will enable us to enhance communications and collaborative action, amplifying the reach of our initiatives and fostering meaningful connections among members. 

With your support, we can:

  • Share a wider range of best practices, research findings, and innovative approaches through our monthly newsletter to over 4,000 practitioners, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration.

  • Facilitate monthly roundtables, engaging a wider range of Alliance members and partners for shared learning and collaboration efforts around workforce strengthening.


Tier 4: Membership Supporters - $1,000 annually 

Your annual contribution of $1,000 will directly help sustain our membership and further engage social service workforce strengthening practitioners in our mission. 

With your support, we can:

  • Cover membership costs for at least 10 social service workforce strengthening practitioners and advocates from low- and middle-income countries, enabling their active participation in our network.

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