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Mental health

Building Capacity in Mental Health and Psychosocial Care: A training manual

Building Capacity in Mental Health and Psychosocial Care:  A training manual for health care workers & community workers in refugee settings in the African Great Lake Area is a facilitator’s guide designed to build capacity in mental health and psychosocial care among refugee camps in order to...

Caring for Carers - Managing stress in those who care for people with HIV and AIDS

This UNAIDS Case Study looks at what care programmes for people with HIV and AIDS are doing to minimize stress and burnout.  Interviews with AIDS Support Organizations (ASOs) in Uganda and South Africa were held with a range of people including: managers and supervisors of care teams; carers on the...

Implementation of a Mental Health Care Package for Children in Areas of Armed Conflict: Case Study from Burundi, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Sudan

Systematic reviews of child focused psychosocial and mental health interventions have identified the large gaps that can exist in this field between research and practice, particularly the limited evidence base for some interventions offered in settings affected by conflict and violence.

Psychological Distress, Depression, Anxiety, and Burnout among International Humanitarian Aid Workers: A Longitudinal Study

International humanitarian aid workers providing care in emergencies are subjected to numerous chronic and traumatic stressors.  This longitudinal study aimed to examine consequences of such experiences on aid workers’ mental health and how the impact is influenced by moderating variables.  A main...