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Mental health

Advanced Social Work Practice in Adult Mental Health

This briefing paper provides context for Advanced Social Work Practice in the area of adult mental health in Ireland and advocates for focused effort to address this issue by providing concrete suggestions for consideration and action. This briefing paper highlights the following in particular:

Reforming Mental Health Systems and Services: Lessons from WHO's Special Initiative for Mental Health

This webinar from the Mental Health Innovation Network, takes a deep dive into the World Health Organization's Special Initiative for Mental Health. WHO reflects on implementation learnings on reforming Mental Health Systems and Services. Participants discuss the latest progress reflections and...

Social Service Workers as Change Agents in Ethiopia

In this video from UNICEF Ethiopia for World Social Work Day, social worker Saada Imam talks about her role as an agent of change and improvement in people’s lives. She highlights in particular the push for increasing mental health awareness in her community, telling a story about how helping a...

Psychological interventions implementation manual: integrating evidence-based psychological interventions into existing services

Evidence-based psychological interventions are an important part of health, social, protection and education services and can help increase access to effective mental health treatments and progression towards universal health coverage.


South Africa presents a high prevalence of mental health problems, with one in six South Africans being diagnosed with anxiety, depression and substance-use problems (excluding more severe conditions such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia). The incidence of mental health problems is ranked third...

Health and Health Needs of the Elderly in Camps for Internally Displaced People in Nigeria: Implication for Social Work Practice

This article examines the accessibility of healthcare services by the elderly within a camp for internally displaced people (IDP) in Bakassi, Cross River State in Nigeria. Access to healthcare by the elderly within these camps is a primary concern due to age related conditions resulting from...

2023 State of the Social Service Workforce Report: A Decade of Progress, A Future of Promise

The Social Welfare Workforce Strengthening Conference: Investing in Those Who Care for Children, held in Cape Town, South Africa in 2010, is often recognized as the launch of a global movement to strengthen the social service workforce and to develop stronger, more effective social service systems.

Journal of the Australian Library and Information Association: Social Work in Libraries Special Issue

To raise awareness of the possibilities for Australian libraries to include some form of social work practice to assist them in meeting the complex needs of many of their visitors, the Charles Sturt University library social work team hosted a Social Work in Libraries Symposium in 2022. Following...

Webinar: Addressing Psychosocial Wellbeing, Peacebuilding & GBV: Voices from Colombia & South Sudan

This webinar, held on 21st September 2023, explores Mental Health and Phsychosocial Support Services (MHPSS) and peacebuilding practices in Colombia and South Sudan from a culturally- and gender-sensitive lens. The session highlights perspectives of local MHPSS practitioners and community leaders...

Breaking the Cycle: Reclaiming Hope and Belonging for Youth Leaving Institutional Care in Uganda

This is a youth-led, accessible video series accompanied by a guidebook. It is designed to identify, address, and support the healing journey for children, young people, and youth in Uganda experiencing well-being and mental health adversity.