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Building an Effective Child Protection System in India: Integrating a Rights-Based Perspective in Social Work Education Within a Strategy of Developing Professional Association

The urgent need to strengthen the child protection system in India is presented in the context of the Integrated Child Protection Scheme and relevant juvenile justice legislation. Although the whole system is discussed, from national to local levels, the emphasis is on systems development with a comprehensive social work education response. Included are recommendations to develop a professional association of social work educators and the need for national accreditation of social work education in India. A multi-system analysis with a child rights orientation of child protection in India is presented. Future steps are recommended including the role of the development sector to help align child protection systems, social work education, and a professional association.

Karen Smith Rotabi, Gokul Mandayam, Arlene Manoharan, Archana Mehendale
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Journal article - abstract only
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