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Social Service Workers as Change Agents in Ethiopia

In this video from UNICEF Ethiopia for World Social Work Day, social worker Saada Imam talks about her role as an agent of change and improvement in people’s lives. She highlights in particular the push for increasing mental health awareness in her community, telling a story about how helping a...

Role of Social Service Workers in Child Protection in Rwanda

In this video for World Social Work Day, UNICEF Rwanda documents the journey of how in these past few years, social workers are playing a bigger role in child protection. They spotlight several child protection and welfare officers, who speak about how witnessing the resilience and growth of the...

Influence of social work education on recognition of social work as a profession in India

This study, in the Indian context, deals with understanding how Social Work Education plays a vital role in the societal recognition of Social Work as an esteemed profession. India being a transition society, faces many challenges in professionalising social work, which has its origins in the...

Key Messages for Advocating for the Social Service Workforce

The Alliance’s Interest Group on Advocacy developed a set of key messages specifically for advocating to donors, policymakers, media, the general public and other social service professionals about the importance and value of the social service workforce. We encourage you to make use of these key...

Call to Action: Strengthening the Social Service Workforce to Better Protect Children and Achieve the SDGs

The Alliance’s Call to Action for Strengthening the Social Service Workforce to Better Protect Children and Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals makes recommendations at the country and global level for governments to initiate, lead and engage in dialogue with partners in order to strengthen...

Social Service Workforce Strengthening Framework

In a world where too many people face poverty, social exclusion, inequality and social injustice, a strong social service workforce is urgently needed. A well-planned, developed and supported workforce is better able to address the needs and enhance the resources and resilience of at-risk...

The Social Worker’s Guide to Effective Policy Advocacy: Writing & Placing Op-Eds

On December 5, 2023, Grand Challenges Network Leads and John Beilenson of Global Challenges for Social Work's long-standing communications partners, SCP, held a webinar on writing op-eds as a strategy to influence policy and policymakers. Watch the recording and see sample op-eds!

2023 State of the Social Service Workforce Report: A Decade of Progress, A Future of Promise

The Social Welfare Workforce Strengthening Conference: Investing in Those Who Care for Children, held in Cape Town, South Africa in 2010, is often recognized as the launch of a global movement to strengthen the social service workforce and to develop stronger, more effective social service systems.

Proposed Guidance for Costing the Social Service Workforce

Adequate investment in the social service workforce ensures that people in need can receive social services that are of sufficient quality to uphold their rights, promote their well-being and help them achieve their full potential.

Proposed Guidance on Developing Minimum Social Service Workforce Ratios

An adequately planned, developed, and supported social service workforce is critical to enable equitable access to social protection and basic social welfare for all, in both development and humanitarian contexts.