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Caregiver Behavior Change for Child Survival in Low- and Middle-income Countries: An examination of the evidence

This article is organized into childhood developmental periods and cross-cutting issues that affect child survival and healthy early development across all these periods. On the basis of this review, the authors present evidence-based recommendations for programs focused on caregivers to increase child survival and promote healthy development. Last, promising directions for future research to change caregivers’ behaviors are given.

John P. Eldera, Willo Pequegnatb, Saifuddin Ahmedc, Gretchen Bachmand, Merry Bullocke, Waldemar A. Carlof, Venkatraman Chandra-Moulig, Nathan A. Foxh, Sara Harknessi, Gillian Huebnerj, Joan Lombardik, Velma McBride Murryl, Allisyn Moranm, Maureen Norton
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Journal article - open access
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