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The Framework for the National Child Protection System for Kenya

The Framework for the Child Protection System for Kenya will deliver a more integrated approach to child protection and drive improvements across all systems and all jurisdictions. The framework also provides a mechanism for engaging partners, including; non-state actors, children, and the broader community at the national level. The framework is a statutory mechanism whose structure defines clearly the roles and responsibilities of each level of government and its partners as they jointly undertake activities to safeguard the rights and welfare of children. A shared understanding of each other’s roles and functions facilitates the co-ordination and efficiency of actions taken by all actors.  Among non-state actors, the framework will help eliminate overlaps, wastage of resources, and the unhealthy competition for visibility, because each entrant will clearly see the gaps that need filling. Moreover, all stakeholders will complement each other’s efforts and readily pool resources either to prevent violation of child rights or provide services to those whose rights have been violated. Finally, the framework also helps create standards in child protection. It will guarantee the provision of immediate and effective protection services. It provides for a holistic and integrated approach that enhances networking and collaboration among various stakeholders.

The National Council for Children’s Services
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