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Social Service Workers in Health Facilities

Their Role in Addressing Social and Other Determinants of Health Among Children and Families

State of the Social Service Workforce Report 2022: The Vital Role of the Social Service Workforce in Humanitarian Contexts

In recent decades, escalating and protracted conflicts, natural disasters and extreme weather events often exacerbated by climate change, and major health emergencies, such as COVID-19, have resulted in rapid increases in the numbers of people and communities in need of emergency social assistance...

Guidance on Costing Child Protection Policies and Advocating for Increased Investment

Decision makers need credible evidence to distribute government funds across sectors. Sectors that are well equipped with compelling evidence and facts as to the public benefits of investment are better positioned to get a greater share of the budget. The sectors with a weaker justification will...

The vital role of the social service workforce in emergencies

Social service workers play a crucial role in helping individuals, families and communities respond to and recover from emergencies. They also help individuals, families and communities build their resilience to withstand future shocks. Yet, they remain largely unrecognized and undervalued.

Other people’s children and the critical role of the social service workforce

Understanding the needs of your child is complicated. Understanding the varied needs of a population of children with whom you have no direct contact is the near impossible challenge policy makers, government planners and donors face when making policy or selecting interventions to fund and...

National Child Welfare Workforce Institute Communications Guide: How to advance organizational goals through effective messaging, storytelling and public relations

The NCWWI Communications Guide helps child welfare programs’ initiate or improve their existing communications strategies to build public support, strengthen the workforce, improve partnerships, increase community collaboration, and enhance perceptions. Communication strategies support sustainable...

Social Service Workers in Schools

Schools can play a critical role in addressing violence against children and other child protection concerns within schools and communities. This role and responsibility can be best fulfilled with the help of on-site support staff, including social service workers.

Global Declaration on Justice with Children

The Global Declaration on Justice With Children is a culmination of the discussions held before and during the 2021 World Congress on Justice With Children that gathered over 4,800 intergenerational participants from over 100 countries from 15-20 November 2021 through an online platform, with the...