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Identifying Households Needing Services for Orphans and Vulnerable Children – Guidelines for Adapting a Beneficiary Identification and Prioritization Tool from Uganda

The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for other countries and implementing partners overseeing OVC programming, so they can adapt the process that Uganda developed to help government and implementing partners identify and prioritize households with, affected by, or at high risk for HIV for enrollment in orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) programming. Specifically, this document provides a five-step approach to adapting the HVPT that facilitators can use to organize an identification tool workshop, as well as conduct a pilot test of the tool and refine the tool before full rollout. The document includes talking points, sample exercises, a sample agenda, and templates that can be used during the identification tool workshop. It also contains guidance on how to create a task force after the workshop to draft, pilot, and refine the tool, as well as review implementation later.

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