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In-service training

Compendium of Case Management Tools and Resources

This Compendium of Case Management Tools and Resources represents the work of the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance (Alliance) Case Management Interest Group (CMIG). As a global network, we support the work of the task-focused and result-oriented interest groups of the Alliance members...

Social Service Workforce Strengthening Framework

In a world where too many people face poverty, social exclusion, inequality and social injustice, a strong social service workforce is urgently needed. A well-planned, developed and supported workforce is better able to address the needs and enhance the resources and resilience of at-risk...

Supporting Integration: A Toolkit for Practitioners Working with Children and Young People on the Move

The ‘Supporting Integration’ toolkit documents and shares good practice guidance for practitioners working with child migrants. The toolkit was developed as part of a three year project which involved research into the integration of children moving from the Middle East to Europe, and aims to...

How to Develop Skills for the Future in the Social Work Field?

Our society is changing at a rapid pace and new challenges are emerging in adapting people to the age of digitalization and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This paper tries to answer the following questions: 1) How are the increasingly visible changes influenced by the economic crisis and the...

2023 State of the Social Service Workforce Report: A Decade of Progress, A Future of Promise

The Social Welfare Workforce Strengthening Conference: Investing in Those Who Care for Children, held in Cape Town, South Africa in 2010, is often recognized as the launch of a global movement to strengthen the social service workforce and to develop stronger, more effective social service systems.

4 Cs of Workforce Development: Culture, Competency, Capacity, & Community

The webinar, from the U.S. National Child Welfare Workforce Institute, offered actionable steps agencies can take to support employee wellness, professional development, and community partnerships. Ultimately, this will promote workforce wellness and positive outcomes for families connected to...

Client Violence Towards Childcare Workers: A Systematic Literature Review

Client violence against childcare workers is a relevant problem due to its impact on their well-being and the service they provide due to their significant role in the child protection process. This study explored violence against childcare workers using a systematic literature review.

Fostering Emotional and Mental Health in Residential Youth Care Facilities: A Systematic Review of Programs Targeted to Care Workers

Children and youth placed in residential youth care (RYC) exhibit complex emotional needs and significant mental health problems. Better outcomes in RYC have been associated with emotional availability from care workers. Nevertheless, many care workers struggle either with their own mental health...

Social Service Workers in Health Facilities

Their Role in Addressing Social and Other Determinants of Health Among Children and Families